Message from 9/11 Committee

Dear Reader,

On September 28, 2016, after seven years of robust deliberations,  rigorous negotiations and fierce debate the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – “JASTA” became the law of the land.  Now, those nations who knowingly fund designated terrorist organizations that carry out attacks on U.S. soil and results in injuring or the death of a U.S. citizen, can be held accountable in a U.S. Courtroom.  Current law was amended to require that only the injury (and not all of the conduct alleged) take place in the United States and clarify that state support of terror does not qualify for immunity as a discretionary state function.  NOW our message below will be heard loud and clear:

“If you support a terrorist attack against U.S. citizens in the United States of America, we will hold you accountable in a U.S. court.”

On September 11, 2001 our lives were changed forever when 19 radical Islamist terrorists attacked our nation. Nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered and thousands more injured.   When the smoke cleared and the fires were extinguished more than 3,000 children had lost a parent. Rescue workers are dying to this day due to their exposure to the toxins at Ground Zero. Thousands of our brave military have been killed fighting wars in the Middle East since 9/11. Tens of thousands more have returned home with grave injuries and we have spent over two trillion dollars fighting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

9/11 was a highly sophisticated terrorist plot that took years to plan, practice and then implement. Since 9/11, the wealthy individuals who gave financial and logistical support to the 19 terrorists have never been brought to justice. These individuals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been dismissed on grounds of sovereign immunity, despite exceptions to that protection regarding acts of terrorism.

JASTA will prevent terrorism financing cases against foreign officials from being subject to the whims of transient political considerations and egregious court decisions, and will instead ensure that they are based upon core principles of justice and the rule of law.

As long as the wealthy paymasters continue to act with impunity funding terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, ISIS, Boco Haram and many others and there remains well-funded terrorist organizations vowing to kill and destroy us, we will never be safe.

If avoiding another 9/11 is going to be justification for involving us in more wars in the Middle East, we must use every resource we have available to reduce the need to go to war in the first place.  Holding the bankrollers of terrorism accountable and cutting off the money supply at its source is a very good tool in reaching that objective and in keeping America safe.

The families & survivors war on terror is a war on the financiers and their culpability.  JASTA costs the taxpayers zero, the military zero, loss of life zero and the impact it may have on future terrorist attacks is unquantifiable.

Not only will JASTA enable victims of terrorism the justice they deserve, it will serve as a strong deterrent for future attacks.

We, the undersigned, sincerely appreciate your support.  It is with great pride we share in this victory.


9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism

National Chair

Terry Strada, widow of Tom Strada, WTC, North Tower


  • Sylvia Carver, Sister of Sharon Carver, Pentagon
  • Veronica Carver, Sister of Sharon Carver, Pentagon
  • Rosemary Dillard, Widow of Eddie Dillard, Passenger AA Flight 77,
  • James Dowdell, Son of fallen hero Kevin Dowdell, WTC, FDNY, Rescue 4
  • Bill Doyle, Father of Joseph Doyle, WTC, North Tower
  • Gordon Haberman, Father of Andrea Haberman, WTC, North Tower
  • Alice Hoagland, Mother of Mark Bingham, Passenger, UA, Flight 93
  • Robert Kobus, Brother of Debora Kobus, WTC, South Tower
  • Emanuel Lipscomb, Survivor, Civilian Rescuer, WTC
  • Donna Marsh O’Connor, Mother of Vanessa Langer & unborn grandchild, WTC, South Tower
  • Margaret Mathers, Widow of Charles W. Mathers, WTC, North Tower
  • Joan Molinaro, Mother of fallen hero Carl Molinaro, WTC, FDNY, Ladder Company 2
  • Carole O’Hare, Daughter of Hilda Marcin, Passenger UA, Flight 93
  • Sally Regenhard, Mother of fallen hero Christian Regenhard, WTC, FDNY, Ladder Company 131
  • Ellen Saracini, Widow of Captain Victor J Saracini, UA Flight 175, WTC, South Tower
  • Abraham Scott, Widower of Janice Scott, Pentagon
  • Vincent West, Brother of Peter Matthew West, WTC, North Tower