Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – JASTA S.2040/H.R.3815

An Open Letter to Congress from the 9/11 Children for Justice Against Terrorism

ALL 9/11 CHILDREN:  Please read and sign below:

Dear Speaker Ryan, Leader McCarthy, and Whip Scalise,

We, 9/11 children whose parents were brutally murdered in the worst terrorist attack on American soil, respectfully ask you to put S. 2040, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (“JASTA”) on the calendar for a vote when Congress returns on September 6, 2016 from the August district work break without further delay.

On September 11, 2001, when the smoke cleared and the fires were extinguished, more than 3,000 children were left behind without a parent.  While our nation mourned the 2,996 innocent men, women and children horrifically murdered in the worst terrorist attack humankind has ever witnessed, our worlds crumbled and we were left to navigate our lives in a post 9/11 culture with single parents devastated and heartbroken like us.

We are the children of 9/11, and now, fifteen years later, we want justice for the murderous attacks carried out by 19 radical Islamist terrorists that came to our shores and stole our parents from us.   No child should have to endure their beloved parent’s merciless killing with their remains returned in pieces, sometimes only fragments, over the course of several years and in many cases not at all.

Some of us were very young, spanning from just days old, to toddlers, preschoolers, grade school, middle school, high school, and college age.  Some were adults – some married with children and some just beginning our grown-up lives.  Sadly, some of us were not even born and we never even had the opportunity to meet our fathers and they never had the opportunity to meet us.

While September is quickly approaching, the carefree days of summer will soon end and families will begin to fall into their routines of school, sports, and after-school activities.

For us, the fifteenth anniversary of the murder of our parents is fast approaching and we will once again be reminded of the horrific details of their deaths.   We will be reminded of all that is lost and all that will never be.  We know all too well the pain and suffering terrorism inflicts on the family members left behind and for the injured survivors.

The depravity of terrorism is unfathomable, and the people, entities and/or nations that support these hate-filled organizations should not go unpunished.  They must be held accountable to better protect our nation, our families and help ensure no other child suffers the agonizing loss of a parent to terrorism on American soil.

We understand many families, survivors and Members of Congress have invested several years of hard work in JASTA’s success and its fate is now in your hands.

Some of the undersigned attended the July 14, 2016 Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice hearing on JASTA.  It was with great pride we experienced our government officials working together and we thank Chairman Franks. Rep. Goodlatte and the Committee for their strong support.

We respectfully ask you, our trusted Leaders to please think of us, and help prevent further carnage like the world witnessed on 9/11, and the pain we personally will have to live with for the rest of our lives, by placing this bipartisan legislation on the calendar for a vote as soon as possible.


9/11 Children for Justice Against Terrorism
(Age of child on September 11, 2001)

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