Our organization, the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, consists of over 9,000 family members and survivors, seeking the truth, accountability and justice against all perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack against our nation.

Today, we are still witnessing terrorist attacks with radical Islamist’s fingerprints all over them. We are not safer today, because terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, ISIS and Boco Haram continue to thrive, growing in numbers, and spreading throughout the world. We must stop the flow of money to the terrorists in order to STOP future attacks against the United States.


JASTA corrects a potential grievous error by a federal court ruling that no one can be held accountable for financing or supporting a terrorist attack inside our borders as long as they provided the money or support from outside the United States.

JASTA makes clear that those who support terrorism against the United States can be held accountable no matter where the money or support was given.

JASTA ensures that victims of terrorist attacks have the power to hold terrorist financiers accountable, to bring justice and to make our nation safer by:

  • Protecting Victims’ Rights: making clear what Congress intended, which is that private citizens can take legal action against those who provide financial or material support toward acts of terrorism, extrajudicial killing and torture in the United States.
  • Removing the Cover of Sovereign Immunity: making clear that being a foreign state shall have no immunity for actions taken in support of terrorist acts occurring in the United States.
  • Re-establishing Jurisdiction: making clear that the law requires only that the injury occur in the United States, and that the U.S. Courts do have jurisdiction over actions carried out, in part, outside the U.S. that produce injury or damage inside the United States.

JASTA will prevent terrorism financing cases against foreign states from being subject to the whims of transient political considerations and will instead ensure that they are based upon core principles of justice and the rule of law.  JASTA passed unanimously in the Senate on May 17, 2016.  Now we must pressure the House to do the same.  CALL and/or WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY!